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In search of additional income, the eyes of many Internet users are turning to the well-known YouTube video hosting. The successes of some advanced comrades who earn hundreds and thousands of dollars with the help of this resource make us wonder: why am I worse? But when a newcomer creates his own channel, it turns out that almost no one is watching his video, and therefore it’s not worth dreaming about any income.

Let me bring some clarity to this question and prove that it’s not so difficult to get started on YouTube, the main thing is to follow a few simple principles.

The first mistake of newcomers is that they try to immediately fill their channel with bulk materials. Do not do this in any case. Your first videos should be as short as possible, but carry some useful information. Even if the topic is hackneyed and quite ordinary, you need to try to bring something fresh into it. Otherwise, the views do not wait.

Then do not forget about such an indicator as WATCH TIME. With it, YouTube captures the average viewing time. The higher the WATCH TIME percentage, the higher your channel will be ranked on YouTube. People always watch compact videos with great desire, so your WATCH TIME will never drop below 50%. And this is a serious argument in your favor.

It’s advisable, even before you start filling out your channel, to look at the performance of YouTube users who have already achieved something. How are things with the likes of the video, comments, links to social networks. Choose a few channels for yourself as a guideline and begin to act in the same direction. That is, you have to do everything on your channel much more attractive than the leaders.

Buy 100 youtube subscribers for 5. Do not give up when you see that top bloggers have a huge audience of subscribers. Over time, you will have no less. At the first stage of promotion, it is much more important to make sure that your video is actively commented on, liked, reposted, etc. How to achieve this, look at this link, and begin to carry out the task of increasing social activity on your channel.

It will have a very positive effect on your reputation if each video gains 300-400 views per day. Otherwise, you can’t get into the tops. Having overcome this milestone, you will bypass all your competitors very quickly. You can also find all available ways to increase your views at my link. Believe that without a start impulse it will be very difficult for your channel to squeeze out rivals. Therefore, do not sit back and wait for favors from nature.

What can be done using the untwisted channel? Yes, everything that your soul wants! If you want, make money on advertising, redirect viewers to some other profitable project of yours, advertise your own business (for example, a company or a store) or gain referrals. This is up to you. But to miss the opportunity to use YouTube as an advertising platform is simply unreasonable. I wish you success in all your endeavors and solid profits.

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